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Voted best in Kingson!

Be Happy Yoga is a boutique studio taking a therapeutic approach. We offer small classes for all ages and abilities, plus individualised yoga therapy. This is ideal for people who want a very personalised teaching style, or who have health conditions. Yoga practices promote holistic wellness and measurable health benefits.

I was thrilled to be formally recognised for my wellbeing contribution to the local community at the Kingston Business Awards 2024.

Thank you to all my yoga teachers and all the people that come to practice at my studio each week, who have helped me to made this possible.

Yoga for every body
Yoga therapy, 1-1 yoga instruction and small group classes


There's no such thing as a "yoga body" is a practice that is suitable for every body and can benefit everyone.

Current Group Class Programme

  • Yoga and pilates fusion: Monday at 10am

  • Hatha and restorative yoga class: Thursday at 7pm 

  • Vinyasa dynamic yoga: Tuesdays at 6.15pm (beginners) and 7.30pm (intermediates)

  • Saturday all levels yoga at 9.15am and 10.30am

One to One Classes and Yoga Therapy Sessions

Monday evenings, Wednesday all day, Thursday and Friday mornings. Limited weekend availability. Contact me to discuss your circumstances and to book.

I also teach duo sessions for friends and family who wish to share a yoga session.

Yoga therapy & yoga classes for all abilities in Surbiton & Kingston

In person classes in the Garden Room studio or attend online in the comfort of your own home.


Yoga practices include a wide range of the most beneficial and accessible yoga postures, breath work (pranayama) and a short meditation. Enjoy a full spectrum practice that targets the entire body and mind, ending with deep relaxation.

Classes are based around key themes - spinal health, energise and invigorate, hip health, integrated core strength, sleep better, upper body strength, improved digestion and detoxing, managing anxiety and they all combine an interesting range of yoga postures.



What are the benefits of a regular yoga practice?


Here's some recent feedback from my yoga students 

“I have remitting MS therefore symptoms change daily and I am less mobile.  Lesley works with my mobility issues, adjusting yoga positions to fit what my body can do.  I can arrive and if my arm is not working as I want it to that day, she alters the program spontaneously and also tackles long term mobility challenge .  I often arrive stressed with my brain whirring which is bad for my health. Lesley shows me how to relax through stretches and breathing.  Normally my legs spasm when I lie down but after Lesley the spasm has gone. I feel like I have slept for hours and my mind is calm.  Lesley helps me manage a very unpredictable condition so that I can remain as able bodied as I can for as long as possible.” Emily


“I have been practicing yoga with Lesley for two years and every session gives me renewed energy, I always have a great sleep. Class routines are always varied, which keeps them interesting and fresh, benefitting me with positive wellbeing, increased strength and the ability to calm my mind whenever I need to.” David


“I joined Be Happy Yoga classes in May 2023 because I have back problems and was advised by my GP to try gentle exercise. Sessions have been very beneficial and I like how Lesley guides me and adapts movements to suit my needs, leaving me feeling relaxed yet energised.” Narjiss 


“I was very appreciative to have been " looked after " by you as I approached the end of my chemotherapy and breast cancer surgery". The tailored classes helped me mentally and physically. You curated my classes with deep thought and your introduction to yoga has made this an important part of my life.” Caroline 


"I never thought I would ever get into yoga but thanks to you it's become part of my routine now and has helped me immensely - from ending my plantar fascitis and easing back pain and other injuries. to helping with digestion and winding down at the end of the day. It's a one stop shop for so many things!" Steve

Yoga Therapy and Class Options

Be Happy Yoga is the only Surbiton and Kingston yoga studio emphasising inclusivity, specialising in yoga therapy and offering a therapeutic approach. It caters to all ages, abilities and a wide range of physical and mental health conditions. This is the meaning behind yoga for every body

The studio combines yoga for fitness and physical strength with teaching simple and effective relaxation and meditation techniques for mental wellbeing. Practices offered include mixed ability vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga classes throughout the week. Every class includes meditation, breathing practices to boost respiratory effectiveness, guided relaxation and a physical practice of different yoga postures. Many yoga studios offer an identical practice every week, my studio differentiates itself with variety and a different session and class theme every time.

All teaching is grounded in ancient yoga philosophy, based on the five koshas model. This understands a person as made of five kosha layers - physical, energetic, mental, wisdom and bliss. Students are helped to develop greater self awareness of how to help themselves through yoga and that by achieving balance between the layers with improved physical and mental 'fitness', they become more contented - hence the name 'Be Happy Yoga - be strong, be true, be happy'. 

In addition, you can book one to one yoga classes or courses of yoga therapy.  Yoga therapy sessions support a wide range of health conditions and I have specialist knowledge to support people who are suffering due to lower back pain, IBS and digestive disorders, insomnia, MS and chronic fatigue. Clients attending individual sessions set goals to track the outcomes achieved and receive a video recording of their personal practice after every visit to do at home. This ensures they benefit from detailed instruction, see rapid results, learn how to manage their condition and can enjoy the benefits of yoga more readily.

There's something for everyone, all ages and abilities are welcome. View the current timetable below.

Challenge yourself with yoga flow classes to energise, de-stress & strengthen

  • Dynamic style of yoga

  • All levels practice

  • More suited to physically active people

  • Focus on building strength and flexibility

  • Some holding of postures

  • Short meditation to begin and finish

Breathe, stretch, strengthen & relax.  


Use yoga therapeutically for relief from ill-health and disease. 


Learn to manage chronic conditions with targeted yoga practices designed for your needs.


Use yoga tools - breath work, postures, relaxation and meditation - to manage health issues.


Conditions suited for yoga therapy: living with cancer support, MS, joint and back pain, arthritis, asthma, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, IBS, peri and menopause...and many other chronic health conditions

Special yoga therapy packages - include detailed postural and movement assessment, deep relaxation.


Book a time to suit your schedule

Develop a sustainable yoga practice with individual instruction and expert guidance.

Learn the different yoga asana at a pace that is right for you


Make rapid progress and safely explore the more challenging asanas 

Practice pranayama and yogic breath practices


Learn how to meditate and develop your own personal meditation practice


Develop the skills to enjoy a daily yoga practice at home


Sessions offered for adults and teens


Book a time to suit your schedule

One to One Yoga Classes

Warriors & Eagles Teen Yoga

The benefits of Yoga in helping people to feel good from the inside out are well documented. Having the chance to develop a yoga practice as a teenager is a lifelong skill - like riding a bike.


Yoga helps to improve your emotional and body confidence. It is beneficial for young people with learning difficulties, students on the autism spectrum and to reduce the difficulties associated with conditions like dyspraxia or ADHD. It can also be also beneficial for teenagers with eating disorders, helping them to improve their self image and develop body positivity.


Just as occupational therapy and counselling is invaluable in these situations, yoga is also highly beneficial.


Having a regular yoga practice helps teenagers learn to become more resilient and tenacious. It helps with concentrate and improves mood. Teenagers can learn to regulate their emotions. It helps to reduce anxiety and to deal with stress and life's ups and downs. Yoga is also a lot of fun and students can learn all sorts of challenging postures.  Why not give it a try? 


side angle.jpg

Hello, I'm Lesley Muir and a Yoga Therapist and Teacher specialising in offering yoga practices that emphasise the health and wellbeing benefits of yoga. I teach from my garden studio, a fully equipped space surrounded by nature. 


I offer courses of yoga therapy designed to target physical and mental health problems and small group yoga classes -  energising Vinyasa flow yoga, calming Hatha yoga and relaxing Restorative yoga classes. Every class is different and always tailored to be accessible to the students attending. 

Since qualifying as a yoga teacher I have continued to develop my knowledge and skills, enabling me to work with people who have health conditions and for whom a regular yoga class may be inaccessible. This includes training in restorative yoga, anatomy, safe adjustments, pilates for yoga, first aid. I graduated as a yoga therapist in January 2023 after completing one of the industry's most advanced 2 year programmes for experienced yoga teachers. This training is unique in taking a medicalised approach to yoga, focusing on the health benefits that can be achieved - addressing musculoskeletal problems e.g. lower back pain, shoulder impingement, hypermobility; cancers; respiratory illnesses; cardiovascular disease including hypertension, POTS; neurodiversity including dyspraxia; autoimmune conditions; trauma, mental health illnesses including eating disorders, anxiety and depression, insomnia, OCD and women’s health.


Be Happy Yoga is a small, boutique yoga studio in the heart of the Surbiton and South Kingston community. We are a little bit different. I'm a Yoga Therapist and as well as working with students one to one, I take a very therapeutic approach to all my yoga classes, emphasising the health benefits of the different practices included in a class.

Based in the heart of the community, my goal is to help people everywhere, from all walks of life to enjoy the practice and lifestyle that is yoga.


Classes sizes are very small, students receive a lot of personal attention, the practices offered are always accessible and students are made to feel very welcome. It's a very personal experience and there are always a range of options offered so that everyone comes away feeling the energetic effects and benefots of a yoga practice. Whether it's a yoga therapy session working towards personal transformation, a class to calm the nervous system or a morning practice to give you energy for the whole day.

Teachers, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, homemakers, cyclists, editors, runners, triathletes, swimmers all come to Be Happy Yoga for private one to one yoga therapy sessions and classes. When they leave my studio, they go home feeling serene, positive, energised, inspired and most of all, happy and contented.


Isn't that what life's about?



Everyone's different and every yoga teacher has a different style.

Here's what you can expect at one of my yoga classes. 


'Vinyasa' yoga means 'to place in a special way' or sequence in Sanskrit and these classes are carefully designed so that the asanas we practice flow as a sequence. Each class has a different theme - back bending, balances, core strength or just a fun flow.

You'll quickly widen your repertoire of asanas as we focus on practicing a different 'peak posture' in every yoga class.


Breathing and moving with the breath is fundamental to vinyasa yoga. Every class starts and finishes with pranayama (yogic breathing) exercises to energise the body, calm the mind, lengthen the breath and prepare for asana practice.

After 'savasanna' we finish the class with a short breath meditation - it's very simple and yet the effects are so powerful.


Yoga is one of the best ways to stay healthy - from the inside out. Physical practice and mastering asanas is fun and you'll feel stronger and fitter than ever. But the real benefits of yoga come from within.

A regular yoga practice will help you to sleep better, have improved digestion, flexibility and most of all, you'll learn to be more content and mindful.

What are people saying?

The best way to find out if my classes are right for you is to come along.


But for now, here's what other people have to say about my classes and style of teaching - on Zoom and in the yoga studio.

Read lots more testimonials here

"Lesley is a great teacher who will happily adapt to suit the needs of her class. She is very professional and clearly passionate about yoga and teaching others. I would highly recommend her classes to all."

"Lesley is a really kind, knowledgeable teacher and her classes are all about wellbeing rather than competition. She goes above and beyond to ensure her yogis have a good experience and is careful to provide modifications in case of injury. I can highly recommend her classes."

"Lesley is calm, encouraging, gentle and gives good, clear instruction. Her class really has become one of my weekly mainstays."

"Thanks for a really lovely yoga class this morning - I feel really energised now and the level of challenge was just right."

"Lesley's classes are fantastic and she's a great teacher. It's like stepping into another world, away from the dreary evenings where the candles make it warm and inviting. I have really felt the benefits from the hip openers, warrior poses and vinyasa flows. She provides modifications for easier poses or for additional challenge and you get great individual support. It is definitely the most relaxing time of my week and I always feel so calm and refreshed afterwards.

Highly recommend."

"I've been learning yoga with Lesley for 2 years. It has been the perfect way to manage a number of injuries and ailments I've picked up from cycling and to counter the effects of being desk-bound all week. She is very knowledgeable and attentive and always pitches her classes at the right level for students.  I would highly recommend giving her class a go."

"I've been to a number of yoga classes over the years, and Lesley's is one of my favourite. Saturday mornings are a beautiful way to start the weekend on the right foot. Lesley is a great teacher and she makes the classes varied, so we're working on different things each time, and she challenges you (in a good way!). Classes are always fun and friendly. Highly recommended!"

"So my smartwatch is telling me my heart rate for the last hour was 45bpm....It never gets so low when I am awake.....that yoga class definitely did the job. Thanks Lesley."

"You've done a great job with the Zoom classes they work really well. I appreciate them more than ever after being sat down all day and also to unwind and relax. It's also noticeable how my core strength has improved over time. Long may they continue!"

  • How to join
    Yoga classes are bookable online - see the Classes page for more information or click the 'Book now' button to view the full schedule and book classes. The class booking is set to accept 8 people only to a practice. If you cannot book you can join the waitlist and maybe get in through a cancellation or you can opt to practice online - let me know in advance. Any problems, get in touch with me via email
  • Why can't I book into the class?
    I only teach small groups of up to 8 people. If a class is not showing as available on the calendar it means it is full already. Please use the waiting list facility and I can see you wish to practice. If a spot becomes available you could join in the studio or potentially attend online. I check the schedule regularly. It is always best to book early to avoid disappointment and secure your spot.
  • Are classes in person or online?
    Both. I have space for 8 people in my studio in each session and online is always an option. This is handy if you are stuck without a babysitter, got back from work late or just feeling a bit under the weather. The online booking system is set up to allow 8 people only to join each session but I operate a waiting list. If you would like to come online, please let me know and I can always accommodate you. Equally when you book if you prefer online let me know as it means someone else could potentially take your place in the studio.


Studio location: The Garden Room Yoga Studio: 23 Cranes Park Avenue, Surbiton, KT5 8BS

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