Yoga for every body!


Outdoor yoga starts on May 1st and in person classes in the Garden Room yoga studio begin on May 17th.

Check the class timetable for details - more sessions coming soon


Open level vinyasa, hatha & restorative yoga in Surbiton.


Warriors & Eagles Teens Yoga Courses and Weekly Teen Classes

One-to-one yoga class | Couples or friends yoga 


Weekend family & friends yoga on Saturday mornings


Early morning & evening yoga classes.

Friendly yoga classes for all abilities in Surbiton & Kingston

Start your day the best way possible, with energising sunrise yoga.

Or wind down after a busy day with invigorating vinyasa yoga or relaxing hatha.


In person classes will be returning very soon. For now, classes are all live streamed on Zoom.


Yoga classes include a wide range of accessible yoga postures, breath work (pranayama) and a short meditation, for a full spectrum practice and deep relaxation.


"So my smartwatch is telling me that my heart rate for the last hour was 45bpm.

It never gets so low when I am awake. Your yoga class definitely did the job. Thanks Lesley."


Be Happy Yoga offers mixed ability vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga classes throughout the week. There's something for everyone and beginners are always welcome.

View the current timetable below.

Breathe, stretch & relax 

7.30 - 8.30 pm on Thursdays

Energise & strengthen

7.15 - 8.15pm on Tuesdays

Warriors & Eagles Teen Yoga

The benefits of Yoga in helping people to feel good from the inside out are well documented. Having the chance to develop a yoga practice as a teenager is a lifelong skill - like riding a bike.


Yoga helps to improve your emotional and body confidence. It makes you a more resilient and tenacious person. It helps you to concentrate and to feel good.


You will become more relaxed, calm and ready to face whatever obstacles the world throws at you.

One to One Yoga Classes
  • One to One Yoga 

    For individuals, couples, friends or families

    A fantastic way to relax and recharge.

    A chance to develop a life changing yoga practice as a beginner or to work on specific aspects of your yoga practice if you are more experienced.

    Highly personalised yoga to suit all levels, ages and abilities. 

    Why not share a one to one class with partner or friend? 


    Sharing with a friend or family member(s) is a very cost effective way to benefit from expert teaching, individualised attention and rapid progress.


    Benefits of one to one yoga classes

    A one to one yoga class is an amazing experience. Why not treat yourself?


    • Rapidly develop your practice as a beginner or refresh your knowledge after a break from yoga

    • Practice yoga safely at a pace that suits you if you have health conditions or injuries e.g. arthritis

    • Work on specific asana groups e.g. balances or inversions 

    • Develop a strong, daily personal yoga practice at home

    • Improve alignment, breathwork, use of bandhas, dristi

    • Learn pranayama (breathing) techniques and how to apply them in your yoga practice

    • Understand how to use yoga props and enhance your practice.


    Classes can be in person or online.

    Venues: garden, home studio, client's home.


    1 - 1 Class for 75 mins is £45 or £40 if booking 3 sessions.

    1 - 2 Class for 75 mins is £55 shared between two people or £50 if booking 3 sessions.


Hello, I'm Lesley Muir and a Yoga Alliance Qualified Teacher offering fun, energising Vinyasa style yoga classes. I am also qualified to teach Hatha and Restorative yoga.

I love yoga and I want to inspire others to love it too and feel the benefits. Practicing yoga has certainly made me mentally and physically stronger, it has also helped me to discover how to really be happy and live in the moment, which is something I think everyone can relate to today. 



There are many yoga classes across London, but there's only one Be Happy Yoga.  We are a little bit different.

Be Happy Yoga is a local yoga club for the Kingston, Berrylands and Surbiton area and with a simple mission. Based in the heart of the community, we want to get people everywhere, from all walks of life enjoying the practice and lifestyle that is yoga.

Teachers, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, homemakers, cyclists, editors, runners, triathletes, swimmers all come to Be Happy Yoga classes and go home feeling energised, inspired and happy.


Isn't that what life's about?


Everyone's different and every yoga teacher has a different style.

Here's what you can expect at one of my yoga classes. 


'Vinyasa' yoga means 'to place in a special way' or sequence in Sanskrit and these classes are carefully designed so that the asanas we practice flow as a sequence. Each class has a different theme - back bending, balances, core strength or just a fun flow.

You'll quickly widen your repertoire of asanas as we focus on practicing a different 'peak posture' in every yoga class.


Breathing and moving with the breath is fundamental to vinyasa yoga. Every class starts and finishes with pranayama (yogic breathing) exercises to energise the body, calm the mind, lengthen the breath and prepare for asana practice.

After 'savasanna' we finish the class with a short breath meditation - it's very simple and yet the effects are so powerful.


Yoga is one of the best ways to stay healthy - from the inside out. Physical practice and mastering asanas is fun and you'll feel stronger and fitter than ever. But the real benefits of yoga come from within.

A regular yoga practice will help you to sleep better, have improved digestion, flexibility and most of all, you'll learn to be more content and mindful.

What are people saying?

The best way to find out if my classes are right for you is to come along.


But for now, here's what other people have to say about my classes and style of teaching - on Zoom and in the yoga studio.

"Lesley is a great teacher who will happily adapt to suit the needs of her class. She is very professional and clearly passionate about yoga and teaching others. I would highly recommend her classes to all."

"Lesley is a really kind, knowledgeable teacher and her classes are all about wellbeing rather than competition. She goes above and beyond to ensure her yogis have a good experience and is careful to provide modifications in case of injury. I can highly recommend her classes."

"Lesley is calm, encouraging, gentle and gives good, clear instruction. Her class really has become one of my weekly mainstays."

"Thanks for a really lovely yoga class this morning - I feel really energised now and the level of challenge was just right."

"Lesley's classes are fantastic and she's a great teacher. It's like stepping into another world, away from the dreary evenings where the candles make it warm and inviting. I have really felt the benefits from the hip openers, warrior poses and vinyasa flows. She provides modifications for easier poses or for additional challenge and you get great individual support. It is definitely the most relaxing time of my week and I always feel so calm and refreshed afterwards.

Highly recommend."

"I've been learning yoga with Lesley for 2 years. It has been the perfect way to manage a number of injuries and ailments I've picked up from cycling and to counter the effects of being desk-bound all week. She is very knowledgeable and attentive and always pitches her classes at the right level for students.  I would highly recommend giving her class a go."

"I've been to a number of yoga classes over the years, and Lesley's is one of my favourite. Saturday mornings are a beautiful way to start the weekend on the right foot. Lesley is a great teacher and she makes the classes varied, so we're working on different things each time, and she challenges you (in a good way!). Classes are always fun and friendly. Highly recommended!"

"So my smartwatch is telling me my heart rate for the last hour was 45bpm....It never gets so low when I am awake.....that yoga class definitely did the job. Thanks Lesley."

"You've done a great job with the Zoom classes they work really well. I appreciate them more than ever after being sat down all day and also to unwind and relax. It's also noticeable how my core strength has improved over time. Long may they continue!"


Garden studio: 23 Cranes Park Avenue,  KT5 8BS

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect at a BeHappy Yoga class ?

Classes vary, we have shorter format 45 minute morning practices and longer evening and weekend sesions for 60 miniutes - sometimes these longer classes run over slightly. We start with a warm up and some limbering exercises to warm the body before we start to practice yoga asanas. Each class is different, usually designed with a special theme and will include a combination of standing, seated and balancing postures, plus some arm balances and an inversion to conclude the class. We finish with pranayama (yogic breathing) to help improve concentration and a short meditation to help quieten the mind and improve mental clarity. If you have never done yoga before you are welcome to join any class and I will show you different options to enjoy. Why not give it a try?

Does it matter if I'm a beginner?

No, every class is designed for a broad mixture of abilities. Some of the people who attend my classes are very experienced yogis, whilst others are new to the practice. The Tuesday evening class is more dynamic and if you are a complete beginner if might be a little challenging but only because it will be new. Lots of yogis start in the Tuesday class and love this dynamic style of yoga. I offer modifications and alternatives throughout to accommodate those that want to be challenged and always welcome beginners. If you currently have some injuries, let me know before class and we can adapt the practice to suit your capabilities. Yoga should never be painful.

How should I prepare for a class?

The classes are active and you will very quickly feel warm so it's best to wear layers. It's always advisable to practice yoga on an empty stomach so I recommend either having a light snack a minimum of 2 hours before coming to class or waiting until afterwards to eat. Just bring some water and an open mind. Now we are practicing online, you need some of your own gear. It's handy to have a cushion to sit on for the meditation, some blocks (or you can use books/cans), a strap (tie or belt), a blanket and maybe an eye mask or pillow.

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