1-1 Yoga Classes

  • One to One Yoga 

    For individuals, couples, friends or families

    A fantastic way to relax and recharge.

    A chance to develop a life changing yoga practice as a beginner or to work on specific aspects of your yoga practice if you are more experienced.

    Highly personalised yoga to suit all levels, ages and abilities. 

    Why not share a one to one class with partner or friend? 


    Sharing with a friend or family member(s) is a very cost effective way to benefit from expert teaching, individualised attention and rapid progress.


    Benefits of one to one yoga classes

    A one to one yoga class is an amazing experience. Why not treat yourself?


    • Rapidly develop your practice as a beginner or refresh your knowledge after a break from yoga

    • Practice yoga safely at a pace that suits you if you have health conditions or injuries e.g. arthritis

    • Work on specific asana groups e.g. balances or inversions 

    • Develop a strong, daily personal yoga practice at home

    • Improve alignment, breathwork, use of bandhas, dristi

    • Learn pranayama (breathing) techniques and how to apply them in your yoga practice

    • Understand how to use yoga props and enhance your practice.


    Classes can be in person or online.

    Venues: garden, home studio, client's home.


    1 - 1 Class for 75 mins is £45 or £40 if booking 3 sessions.

    1 - 2 Class for 75 mins is £55 shared between two people or £50 if booking 3 sessions.

    Contact: 07796 148400 for info.

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