Be Happy Yoga offers mixed ability vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga classes throughout the week.​

No two classes are the same and combine different yoga postures, sequences and breath work.

There is no such thing as a 'yoga body'. All classes are inclusive and suitable for all abilities. If you have a health condition or injury, let me know - there will be a suitable modification or alternative to make your own practice during the class very enjoyable and beneficial. 


SPECIAL OFFER: Try a yoga class for free - contact me to book your taster practice.

"You've done a great job with the Zoom classes they work really well. I appreciate them more than ever after being sat down all day and also to unwind and relax. It's also noticeable how my core strength has improved over time. Long may they continue!"
"I am really enjoying yoga on Zoom and especially the dynamic yoga classes. The balancing sequences are perfect for waking me up in the morning." 
  • Tuesday 7.15 - 8.15 pm

    Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

    If you like a lively vinyasa yoga practice with interesting sequences, you will love this class.


    Each week is different and combines a range of yoga asanas making it perfect for building full body strength and flexibility.

  • Wednesday 7 - 8 pm

    Teen Yoga Club

    A unique class just for teens. Ages 13 - 17.


    Learn yoga, de-stress and relax.


    Sharpens concentration and reduces anxiety. Improves confidence, body image, relaxing and fun.


    Counts as a D of E skill or sport.

  • Wednesday 7 - 8 am

    Sunrise Yoga

    The best way to start your day. An energising vinyasa flow style yoga practice combining sun salutations, standing postures, balances, spinal strength building and postures to increase flexibility.


    45 mins to feel really alive, grounded and full of positivity.

  • Thursday 7.30 - 8.30 pm

    Hatha Yoga

    'Slow flow' or hatha yoga emphasising holding postures and improving range of movement.


    Class concludes with restorative yoga & a short meditation. 


    Feel calm, relaxed and refreshed after this class.

  • Saturday 10.00 - 11.00 am

    Weekend Yoga

    Get set for a happy weekend. All levels, fun vinyasa yoga class for everyone to enjoy.

    Class is suitable for all the family.

    Feel strong yet relaxed, refreshed and really positive. 


A 'new normal' requires a new approach to team wellbeing

Working at home is lonely at the best of times and now with people forced to isolate and work remotely due to COVID-19, having some relaxed team time is more important than ever.

With a Zoom yoga class, you can treat your colleagues to a team effectiveness boost plus improve their mental and physical wellbeing. You will quickly realise it's much more powerful than a pint or pizza - although they are also very welcome!

Classes are available in the morning, lunchtimes or after work.

Up to 100 employees can join in simultaneously with live, expert instruction.

All classes combine yoga asana practice, breath work and a short meditation - suitable for all levels.

Fixed price per class with discounts for key workers and not for profit.


Live streamed yoga classes including breath work and a short meditation to calm mind and body.


High quality video using Zoom, up to 100 people can join each class and receive expert instruction.


Each class is different and students can download the day's class plan to practice at home.


Fully qualified teacher, registered and insured with Yoga Alliance.

Discounts for key workers.


Mornings, lunchtime and after work classes are available.


Express fix 30 minutes or full hour / 75 minute class options

One to One Yoga Classes
  • One to One Yoga 

    For individuals, couples, friends or families

    A fantastic way to relax and recharge.

    A chance to develop a life changing yoga practice as a beginner or to work on specific aspects of your yoga practice if you are more experienced.

    Highly personalised yoga to suit all levels, ages and abilities. 

    Why not share a one to one class with partner or friend? 


    Sharing with a friend or family member(s) is a very cost effective way to benefit from expert teaching, individualised attention and rapid progress.


    Benefits of one to one yoga classes

    A one to one yoga class is an amazing experience. Why not treat yourself?


    • Rapidly develop your practice as a beginner or refresh your knowledge after a break from yoga

    • Practice yoga safely at a pace that suits you if you have health conditions or injuries e.g. arthritis

    • Work on specific asana groups e.g. balances or inversions 

    • Develop a strong, daily personal yoga practice at home

    • Improve alignment, breathwork, use of bandhas, dristi

    • Learn pranayama (breathing) techniques and how to apply them in your yoga practice

    • Understand how to use yoga props and enhance your practice.


    Classes can be in person or online.

    Venues: garden, home studio, client's home.


    1 - 1 Class for 75 mins is £45 or £40 if booking 3 sessions.

    1 - 2 Class for 75 mins is £55 shared between two people or £50 if booking 3 sessions.


Frequently asked questions

What can I expect at a BeHappy Yoga class ?

Classes vary, we have shorter format 45 minute morning practices and longer evening and weekend sesions for 60 miniutes - sometimes these longer classes run over slightly. We start with a warm up and some limbering exercises to warm the body before we start to practice yoga asanas. Each class is different, usually designed with a special theme and will include a combination of standing, seated and balancing postures, plus some arm balances and an inversion to conclude the class. We finish with pranayama (yogic breathing) to help improve concentration and a short meditation to help quieten the mind and improve mental clarity. If you have never done yoga before you are welcome to join any class and I will show you different options to enjoy. Why not give it a try?

Does it matter if I'm a beginner?

No, every class is designed for a broad mixture of abilities. Some of the people who attend my classes are very experienced yogis, whilst others are new to the practice. The Tuesday evening class is more dynamic and if you are a complete beginner if might be a little challenging but only because it will be new. Lots of yogis start in the Tuesday class and love this dynamic style of yoga. I offer modifications and alternatives throughout to accommodate those that want to be challenged and always welcome beginners. If you currently have some injuries, let me know before class and we can adapt the practice to suit your capabilities. Yoga should never be painful.

How should I prepare for a class?

The classes are active and you will very quickly feel warm so it's best to wear layers. It's always advisable to practice yoga on an empty stomach so I recommend either having a light snack a minimum of 2 hours before coming to class or waiting until afterwards to eat. Just bring some water and an open mind. Now we are practicing online, you need some of your own gear. It's handy to have a cushion to sit on for the meditation, some blocks (or you can use books/cans), a strap (tie or belt), a blanket and maybe an eye mask or pillow.

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