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Want to develop your own daily yoga practice but never seem to manage it?

This 2.5 hour workshop will give you the knowledge and motivation to make it onto your mat each day!

"For me, developing my practice of yoga has been life changing. A yoga class gives me time to fully concentrate on myself and how my body feels. No matter how busy my day or week has been, my to do list vanishes and my mind completely calms."

This was feedback from a previous attendee of the home practice workshop 


WHAT YOU LEARN: Range of surya namaskar variations, how to build simple sequences and create your own daily moving meditation.


This workshop is also an opportunity to focus on more challenging postures and safely building them into your own home practice.

Finally, enjoy a wonderful restorative yoga practice to conclude the workshop. 

Cost per person is £30 including refreshments. All equipment - straps, blocks, eye pillows and bolsters provided.

Places are limited to 4

Location: Central Surbiton 

Enquiries: 07796 148400

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