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Yoga helps teens stay calm and focused - Free yoga for teenagers in August

Have you got a teenager feeling upset and anxious about their results?

I can empathise.

Thanks to the government's amazing algorithms, my daughter got an E for one of her was her first ever and a big shock, hopefully there will be a way to rectify it. Luckily she was accepted by her university thanks to her other strong grades and we can move on. Lots of other people were not so lucky and have to content with taking the autumn exams or scouring clearing. Maybe yoga can help them to stay calm and focused. It has supported me and my teenage daughters a lot. They ask me to practice yoga when they feel down or stressed. And it helps a lot.

If you have an anxious and upset teen because they didn't get the grades they deserved, they might like to try yoga too.

For the next two weeks until the end of August, they can come for FREE with a parent to any of my classes - offer is valid for any class.

Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm in Surbiton or Saturday at 9.30am in Kingston.

Just £6 a class, BYO mats and yoga props - maybe a yoga block or two and a strap for stretches.

Only 6 people allowed (or households) in outdoor classes for safety.

I also offer sunrise yoga classes for early risers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 7.15 - 8am.

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