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Give your Workplace an Extra Special Shot of Wellness


Stress is the silent threat to workplace health

The fast pace of life today means that stress and its effects are one of the biggest causes of ill-health. More working days are lost due to stress related issues than any other health condition. It's a huge threat to workplace productivity and an increasing number of employers are understanding the importance of helping their employees use yoga to deal with the stresses of professional life.

A yoga practice teaches you how to relax deeply, manage stress and its related issues, and become more contented and mentally focused. These are essential life skills for today's world.  Be Happy Workplace Yoga classes are accessible and designed to be enjoyed by every body. This is so important when offering yoga in a workplace setting. Classes are a safe space where all employees can feel welcome and able to participate, regardless of their background, abilities and pre-existing health conditions.  


Workplace yoga classes for every body!

As an award winning yoga therapist, I have an advanced understanding of how yoga can be applied to provide specific therapeutic benefits - boosting physical and mental health. Each workplace yoga session is tailored to meet your individual employees' requests for dealing with common aches and pains, improving mobility and flexibility, boosting energy levels and becoming more resilient and relaxed.


We take into consideration the common physical issues many office workers experience when designing workplace yoga classes. Your employees will learn how they can use yoga to counter the effects of prolonged sitting, reduce their lower back pain, relieve a sore, stiff neck and shoulders, loosen tight hips and lengthen tight hamstrings. A tailored, therapeutic approach also means they can join yoga sessions safely, despite having existing injuries, wrist, knee or joint pains.

Our clients include high tech start ups and mid range businesses right through to large organisations like the BBC, where we recently delivered a tailored wellbeing programme for media workers.


Why Choose Our Workplace Yoga Programme

Enhanced Productivity - A regular yoga practice helps to clear the mind, allowing employees to focus better and work more efficiently.

Stress Reduction - Yoga is a proven method to alleviate stress and anxiety, creating a more harmonious workplace environment.

Improved Physical Health - Yoga enhances flexibility, strength, and posture, reducing common workplace ailments such as back pain and repetitive strain injuries. We teach you how to listen to your body and be more in tune with your physical and mental needs.

Team Building - Shared yoga sessions foster a sense of community and improved teamwork among colleagues.


expert teaching

Highly qualified, award winning yoga therapist and teacher leading classes

your choice

Yoga style, class content and session lengths designed to suit your workplace

for everyone

Welcoming, all levels classes designed for anyone to enjoy with accessible options 

clear returns

See measurable returns from your investment with goal setting and feedback for all participants

What's unique about Be Happy Workplace Yoga?

Client feedback

"Yoga has transformed our office atmosphere. The team is more relaxed and focused, we all look forward to Wednesday lunchtime sessions."


Steve, Good Habits Ltd

We offer flexible working so giving people the option to either attend yoga in the office or join remotely from home is brilliant.

Georgia, Access Consulting

Employees say it helps with everything from managing stressful situations and anxiety to improving sleep quality. It's also a great way to connect, when based miles apart.

Claire, Tyne Link


Get your Workplace Yoga Programme Started Today


Offering workplace yoga classes provides many benefits - for both employees and the overall workplace environment. Here’s a summary of the key advantages, each backed by research:

Reduced Stress and Improved Mental Health: Yoga helps significantly lower stress levels by combining relaxation techniques with breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices. Regular practice can decrease cortisol levels, reducing overall stress and anxiety. This leads to a calmer, more focused workforce and can lower instances of burnout and emotional exhaustion.

Enhanced Physical Health: Workplace yoga improves the physical well-being of your employees, promoting flexibility, strength, and balance. It helps to alleviate common office-related physical issues like back pain, neck tension, and musculoskeletal problems, which are often caused by prolonged sitting and poor posture. This not only enhances employees' physical health but also reduces absenteeism and workplace injuries.

Increased Productivity and Focus: Yoga enhances mental clarity and concentration, which in turn boosts productivity. Techniques such as meditation and mindful breathing help clear mental clutter, making employees more alert and capable of making better decisions. These enhanced levels of mental focus and cognitive function directly contribute to improved job performance.

Boosted Immunity and Lower Absenteeism: Regular yoga practice stimulates the lymphatic system and improves blood circulation, which strengthens the immune system and helps flush out toxins. This can result in fewer sick days, as employees maintain better overall health.

Improved Morale and Workplace Atmosphere: Yoga can help to elevate employees' mood, reduce aggression, and foster a more positive and harmonious work environment. This improves team cohesion and morale, leading to higher job satisfaction and a more vibrant workplace culture.

Promoting Work-Life Balance: By teaching stress management and self-care techniques, yoga helps employees better balance their work and personal lives. This reduces burnout and increases overall job satisfaction, contributing to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Take the First Step Towards a Healthier, Happier Workplace

A Be Happy Yoga Workplace Yoga programme will boost your team's well-being and help productivity reach new heights.


Contact us now for an initial discussion to schedule a taster session and experience the many benefits of workplace yoga for yourself.

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