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Here's how some recent students have benefited

“Thank you for the session, I had the best night’s sleep in ages.”

I love the sessions we have had together, they have been of huge benefit and restored confidence in my ability to return to my practice."


“I have significantly improved lung capacity which I hope will help me fend off lung infections and am feeling stronger and more confident in myself as a result too.”


“Lesley, you have really made a significant impact in giving me tools and self-confidence to help me rebuild my life and start off 2022.”

I feel fortunate to have met Lesley and for her to give me some great guidance on how to use yoga to improve my overall wellbeing – both physically and mentally."


Most people are familiar with the many benefits yoga offers – managing the effects of stress, helping people unwind, reducing joint inflammation and back pain, becoming more flexible and toned – but you may not be aware of yoga therapy. 

Yoga therapy is different to coming to yoga classes, either in a group setting or one to one. Classes typically emphasise the physical aspects of yoga practice whereas yoga therapy will be very personalised to address your specific condition, with targeted practices that are known to help.

Yoga therapy uses all the tools of yoga – breath work or pranayama, physical yoga postures (asanas), relaxation and meditation - to help individuals with specific health issues. Through yoga therapy you can become more in tune with yourself.  Understand how to help and to a degree, heal yourself, through greater self awareness. 

Common health problems like asthma, insomnia, anxiety, depression, back pain, IBS, heartburn and digestive problems, arthritis, migraines, post cancer treatment recovery, chronic fatigue  and many auto-immune conditions can be eased with yoga therapy and a targeted yoga practice. Yoga therapy is especially powerful when a condition is exacerbated by stress and worry, or when people are living with a chronic condition and dealing with ongoing pain management. 

Yoga therapy takes a medically informed approach and combines this with the traditional tools of yoga to offer a very powerful form of holistic mind/body therapy. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

What is the official definition of yoga therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a powerful way to promote positive health and wellbeing for anyone, of any age. It can be practiced together with other medical treatments and also in conjunction with other therapies. No prior experience of yoga is necessary.

The British Council for Yoga Therapy (BCYT), defines it as "the use of Yoga where there is a specific health need or needs. The aim of Yoga Therapy is to promote good health for the person as a whole - the emphasis of this work may be towards the body, the mind, the emotions or a combination of these."

What to expect from a course of Yoga Therapy?


A course of Yoga Therapy addresses a particular health concern. Before Session 1 you will complete a health and goals questionnaire to be returned beforehand.


Session 1 is 90 minutes and will include an in-depth review of your situation – physical issues, diet, energy levels, sleep patterns, stress triggers, plus a postural and movement assessment. We will agree your yoga therapy goals, you will receive a detailed personal practice overview designed to address your objectives. This practice will include breath work, yoga postures  for your goals, meditation and relaxation.


Sessions 2 to 5 are follow up sessions of 60 minutes. During these we review progress towards your goals and refine your practice.


You will enjoy a deep relaxation practice in every session and leave feeling refreshed and re-invigorated.


8 week therapy package: 5 sessions of yoga therapy (1 x 90 min and 4 x 60 min) - £275

All clients receive a free personal yoga practice video recording after every session documenting each practice set in detail - for use at home.

Sessions are scheduled weekly or fortnightly to suit your availability.

Booked sessions can be cancelled and rescheduled at no cost, provided 24 hours notice is given.

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