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Make 2024 your year of feeling amazing!NEW Classes launching

There will be a new practice timetable starting from January and details are below. Remember, if you cannot make it to the studio for any reason, all classes are Zoom friendly.


Pilates and yoga fusion

Mat pilates is a fantastic practice to strengthen core muscles, improve spinal and hip health and mobility and improve flexibility. Together with yoga practices, it's an incredible combination to leave you feeling lighter, taller, energised and ready for anything.

Monday and Friday at 10am

Chair yoga

Many people cannot sit on the floor for whatever reason. They might find using a mat uncomfortable and need some extra support. This shouldn't prevent them from coming to a yoga class. Chair yoga is an extremely effective and powerful practice, bringing the benefits of yoga to people of any age. Fantastic for core and major muscle strengthening among people who have limited mobility.

Monday and Friday at 11.30am

Teen yoga

Dedicated class just for young people under 17 who want to start practicing yoga or develop their existing practice. A chance to develop body and self confidence, improved balance and co-ordination, Iearn how to relax, switch off and become more mindful and reflective. Each class includes breath work and meditation.

Monday at 4.45pm


Vinyasa flow yoga

Hugely popular yoga flow practice, each week features different postures from the astanga primary and secondary series. Suitable for intermediate yogis, people who are physically active and who enjoy a stronger yoga class.

Tuesday at 6pm and 7pm


Hatha and restorative yoga

Relax and restore with a hatha style or slow flow practice followed by deep relaxation. Each week focuses on practices to balance different chakras with a different focus - energising and uplifting, grounding and balancing, reflective and introspective, personal resilience and self care and compassion, emotional energy.

Thursday at 7pm


Weekend yoga

A chance to practice a bit of every style of yoga and start the weekend with positive energy and intention. Suitable for all levels and teens are welcome.

Saturday at 8.45am - stronger vinyasa flow style

Saturday at 10am - slow flow and hatha style.

One to one sessions for yoga and yoga therapy are also available by appointment.

I look forward to seeing you all on the mat or chair for practice!

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