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Customer Feedback

“Lesley is an excellent yoga and meditation teacher.  I have remitting MS therefore my symptoms change daily and I am less mobile.  Lesley works with my mobility issues focusing on what I can do and adjusting yoga positions to fit what my body can do.  Lesley is unique in her tailored approach which focuses on the therapeutic.  At the last minute I can arrive and say for example my arm is not working as I want it to that day and she is able to alter the program accordingly at the same time as tackling the long term mobility challenges with my body.  I arrive at the sessions often stressed with my brain whirring which is bad for my health. Lesley is able to show me how I can relax myself through stretches and breathing.  By the end of the session, I am totally relaxed. Normally my legs spasm when I lie down but after Lesley the spasm in my legs has gone. I feel like I have slept for hours and my mind is calm.  Lesley helps me manage a very unpredictable condition so that I can remain as able bodied as I can for as long as possible.” Emily Davy

"I’ve been doing yoga one to one with Lesley for the past couple of months and I have loved her classes. I’ve been doing yoga since I was 15 but a couple of years ago I was struck down by a neurological issue inhibiting my mobility. I came to Lesley for yoga therapy due to her experience with using yoga in neurological conditions to help me get back on my feet, literally and metaphorically, and return to exercise. Since starting her classes, my sleep, mood, flexibility and strength have all improved. Lesley is a very patient and attentive listener and has curated various practices tailored to me to be used at different parts of the day. She sense video recordings and is very adaptive and receptive to feedback. It has been an incredibly important part of my recovery and has contributed immeasurably to my sense of self confidence and wellbeing." Bianca Bazin

“I’m not an advanced yogi but I have been to lots of yoga classes with lots of teachers and Lesley really stands out. She always makes you feel so at ease throughout the class both because she makes sure everyone is comfortable, knows what they are doing, adjusts where necessary but also because she clearly knows yoga so well and just naturally moves from one move to the next. I come to yoga to get stronger and to relax and Lesley’s classes tick both those boxes. The setting is also lovely, whether we do it inside the summer house or outside in the garden. My 13 year old daughter comes along with me as well. She doesn’t really like team sports and so yoga is a great way for her to stay fit. She loves Lesley’s classes and Lesley is always really wonderful with her. Thank you!” Linda Hogarth


“I have now been practicing yoga with Lesley for over two years and every session gives me such renewed energy, that I always have a great sleep that night and run the morning after. She brings a lot of positive, mental energy to each session, which replenishes my physical and mental body. Lesley's class routines are always varied, which keeps them interesting and fresh, always benefitting me with positive wellbeing, increased strength and the ability to calm my mind whenever I need to. Lesley's mentally friendly and physically challenging sessions fill me with so much love, light and energy, they really do set me up for the week ahead! So thank you for being there and giving me such a great reason to keep going!” David Corbett


“I have joined Happy Yoga classes led by Mrs. Lesley Muir in May 2023. I suffer from back problem and was advised by my GP to do some soft exercise. The positive reviews online were what drove my choice and I must say: I don't regret it and would highly recommend her! The sessions have been very beneficial for me so far. It's a nic,e pleasant, calm atmosphere. I like how Lesley is able to guide me and adapt some movement to suit my need. I like how the session transitions in a way that you leave feeling relaxed yet energised!” Narjiss Bekkaoui  

“I first joined Lesley’s yoga classes during the lockdown in 2021 when she used to do them along Kingston Riverside. Since I’ve been going to Lesley’s classes I have found them transformational. Lesley has a unique and special approach to yoga which encompasses body, mind and spirt. She has great empathy, respect and a real connection with all yogi’s who attend her classes. She is selfless and generous in her approach and delivery of the yoga sessions. I especially enjoy the relaxation part at the end of the class with eye pillows, bolsters and blankets!  I am always guaranteed to leave feeling uplifted, energised and lighter after her class. She is quite simply hands down the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had.” Rajdeep Mann


“Lesley is a such an amazing yoga teacher. My yoga practice has dramatically improved since coming to Lesley’s classes. She knows how to read a room by creating a supportive, friendly and focused environment to practice yoga in. Everyone from the super flexible to complete newbies can have a really good session. There’s never any pressure yet Lesley always gave me good opportunities to develop and push myself.  Her classes are different every time, which keeps it fresh and your mind present. Previously I had only experienced yoga classes with music and Lesley was the first I’d been to without - much to my surprise I really preferred this! It helped me focus so much more, become comfortable with silence around others and listen to my breath. Thanks Lesley!!” Olivia Spencer

“Lesley is a rare find. She is a gift to her students and to yoga. Lesley is extremely knowledgeable and deeply caring yoga instructor. I always look forward to her class and never leave without feeling the mind, body and soul back in balance. She provides a warm and supportive atmosphere for her students and is attentive to everyone’s needs. I am very grateful to have Lesley in my life.” :) Ewelina Jaroch


“I stumbled across a poster for Lesley's yoga classes by chance. At the time I was looking into getting back into yoga after my first baby and it was the best class I could have found. Lesley has a great way of encouraging you to work hard in a relaxed and welcoming manner and I come out of every session feeling lighter and energised. My first class with her must have been 4 or 5 years ago when she used to teach outdoors by the river. I always enjoyed that experience, even in the cold winter months; but moving practice into her own garden studio has been even better! In the summer she teaches outdoors (retreat feel!), while on colder or wet days her studio is cosy and inviting. Lesley offers a variety of classes for different levels of experience, and adapts positions / encourages the use of props as needed. In my case, she also recognises when I am able to push a little harder, which she gently communicates; for me a positive reminder to go a little deeper for maximum benefit. When she is unable to teach herself, Lesley has a couple of cover teachers who are fantastic, so an equally lovely experience.  For me yoga has become a critical building block to feeling my best. I've established a routine of 2 classes a week when possible. Yoga means I am able to move more freely without tight shoulders, achy back and heavy legs, and feel much more relaxed and able to juggle a busy life. So a big thank you to Lesley and her team.” Fran Amaral

“Lesley is a fantastic yoga teacher! I find myself more relaxed and content after sessions which are all unique and individually tailored. I have been going for several years and enjoy the variety of each class. The yoga room is tranquil and classes outside are great fun in the summer.” Rachel Jones

“As a neighbour and local mummy, I have known Lesley for many years. She has always been reliable, sensible, calm and kind. When I saw she was training to be a yoga teacher it made perfect sense. I was excited and keen to join her classes. Many years later, I can now say what a perfect choice she made. Yoga teaching is integral to who Lesley is, she has a natural interest in other people, an ability to look critically at positioning and correct in a reinforcing and supportive way, and an all-infusing optimistic outlook. She can tailor her teaching to various needs and is able to give versions which are more accessible or more challenging in a mixed class.  She also teaches both a more calming and reflective Hatha style as well as a more demanding flow type class. Her additional training in yoga therapy is a perfect additional to her skill set and I know that with injury she would be an important part of recovery or rectification. She is patient, kind and reassuring but you know she is always aware of what correction is needed. This is reassuring and gives confidence. In addition, Lesley’s work for young/teen yogis is something I am sure has made a big difference to numerous young people and will continue to do so. It always strikes me this is exactly the time when yoga could make a difference, and Lesley also saw this and responded. For me the outdoor yoga has been absolutely liberating and at times magical. Looking out over the river on a Saturday morning and lying under trees in Lesley’s lovely garden in the summer have been highlights. Her studio is a peaceful and welcoming haven. I come away from classes feeling a new woman. The opportunity to stretch out and focus on something different to work is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. The online system is easy and accessible, and Lesley backs this up by being infinitely contactable and patient! Thank you Lesley for lovely classes!” Rachel Aukett


“Be Happy Yoga offers classes for all abilities in a comfortable and cosy purpose-designed environment. Lesley’s informal teaching style helps everyone feel welcome and included, and her knowledge of the human body enhances the classes beyond the yoga positions themselves to aid class members’ understanding of how to build strength and increase awareness in the mind and body. I have been attending classes for six months in order to improve my overall fitness and have felt the aches and pains from working at a computer all day be relieved as a result, contributing to my overall well-being. I am delighted to have a fantastic small business like Be Happy Yoga on my doorstep in Kingston.” Katey Burton

“I have been doing yoga with Lesley since she started. I was a complete novice when I started but over the years, I have increased my strength and flexibility giving me the chance to try new positions and poses. One of my favourite challenges is the wheel which I couldn't even do as a child! I go to yoga twice a week and it my time to focus on myself and my wellbeing. Lesley always tailors the class around us and offers different variations to the poses throughout the class, giving challenges to those who want to try. During the summer, weather permitting, Lesley does her classes outside in her beautiful garden. There is nothing better than doing yoga in the morning sun listening to the birds sing. I feel fitter, healthier and happier in myself.” Keren Roberts

“I was very appreciative to have been " looked after " by you as I approached the end of my chemotherapy and post-surgery". The tailored classes really helped me mentally and physically. You curated my classes with deep thought. I very much look forward to joining your group classes soon - as soon as my frozen shoulder is better. Your introduction to yoga has made this an important part of my life.” Caroline Boyre

“Lesley’s online yoga was a lifeline during lockdown and has been even better in person. The classes are friendly and welcoming, catering for all levels of ability and experience, and Lesley is a patient teacher who explains the practice clearly. Her garden cabin is a lovely, relaxing space and I always leave feeling re-energised. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” Anne Gulland

“I joined Lesley’s yoga classes in June 2021 and have not looked back. She has a dedicated garden studio which is well equipped and spotless. Lesley always ensures you have the full yoga experience and is generous with both her time and expertise to ensure this is the case. Lesley offers a range of classes and the content is varied, responsive to mood and energy levels and always with any required adjustments.  There is positive encouragement to do whatever feels right for you!  Everyone is better off with yoga - posturally, mentally and for enduring flexibility and strength.  Lesley’s “be happy yoga” business embodies that spirit.” Elaine Newton

“As a newly qualified yoga teacher I was not sure whether I wanted to go into teaching as I lacked a lot of confidence.  Lesley really believed in my potential as a yoga teacher and was the first person that asked me to help her with some of the classes. Not only that, she also encouraged me to do the yoga teacher training course when I showed interest - I was one of her students in her final assessment and really enjoyed her class and style of teaching. I can say that she was an inspiration to me to pursue my desire to teach yoga.  Once qualified we also did a yoga course together and Lesley was always positive and very supportive, we stayed in touch after the course and I am currently teaching some of her classes. I can say that not only Lesley is a successful businesswoman having set up her own yoga business soon after qualifying - but is also a very considerate and kind person and passionate about yoga. She brings all these qualities to her teaching so that her classes always leave you with a sense of wellbeing and with the desire to do more yoga!  For this reason she's very well-liked by her students that regularly keep attending her classes.” Marina Visaggi, Yoga teacher at Be Happy Yoga

“I have been coming to Lesley’s yoga classes since last October. I look forward to the sessions every week.

Her lessons are well organised and in a relaxed atmosphere.” Monika Mullaney

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