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GP and Yogi

"Lesley is a really kind, knowledgeable teacher and her classes are all about wellbeing rather than competition. She goes above and beyond to ensure her yogis have a good experience and is careful to provide modifications in case of injury. I can highly recommend her classes."


Accountant & Yogi

"Lesley is a great teacher who will happily adapt to suit the needs of her class. She is very professional and clearly passionate about yoga and teaching others. I would highly recommend her classes to all."


Lecturer & Yogi

"Lesley is calm, encouraging, gentle and gives good, clear instruction. Her class really has become one of my weekly mainstays. I hope we can carry on well into the winter!"

"The yoga class at the bandstand in Canbury Gardens run by Lesley has become one of my absolute highlights of the week.  To be able to enjoy the most beautiful environment of the riverside position and also reflect and stretch out in such a peaceful way is completely liberating.

"I've been learning yoga with Lesley for 6 months. It has been the perfect way to manage a number of injuries and ailments I've picked up from cycling and to counter the effects of being desk-bound all week. She is very knowledgeable and attentive and always pitches her classes at the right level for students.  I would highly recommend giving her class a go."

Steve, Performance Cyclist, Yogi & IT Consultant

"Lesley's classes are very creative and a great way to set you up with a positive mindset for the weekend."

Erika, French Teacher & Yogi

"I have joined Lesley for riverside yoga each Saturday and enjoyed every class. I am always so much more relaxed and nicely stretched after every session and really love being outdoors to practice."

Shu, Retail Buyer & Yogi

"Lesley's yoga classes are a must in your life. Especially Saturday mornings on the bandstand with the beautiful surroundings - you can't help but relax and tune out. Lesley is an amazing teacher, both helpful and encouraging. Give it a go and you will become addicted like me! Thank you Lesley!"

Keren, Teacher & Yogi

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